Software development and System Integration

Our main activity is software development for products and projects for our clients, as well as, bespoke applications.

We identify needs, then design and build innovative solutions to help our customers achieve their business goals. This is possible thanks to the passion and commitment of our team of specialists and the use of modern practices and cutting-edge technologies. We also provide nearshore outsourcing services to clients located in this part of the world. We have experience with startups and businesses.

Comprehensive IT services include

Intelligent solutions and services

We develop management solutions according to our client´s needs. We evaluate every situation providing the best alternative in each case.

Business Intelligence for decision making

We design and build operative and strategic dashboards which allow users, at all levels of your organisation, to know what is happening in their area of business. Allowing them to understand why it is happening and make predictions on what will happen and decide what to do in each case

Document management and collaborative solutions

We design specific software for your intranet or extranet, so your employees can access the corporation´s resources and information. The design is very simple and user friendly, and can be used anywhere from any device.

Mobile solutions, software development for mobile devices

we are experts in the development of Apps, bespoke solutions for mobile devices to deploy business processes and within the corporate software. We pay particular attention to working offline, backend systems synchronisation, optimum performance to allow users to do their work in the shortest possible time. Depending on our client´s needs, we choose native development or an application that can work simultaneously with different platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Phone).

Geographic Information System – GIS

We develop visual solutions that allow organisation data saving, data management, data analysis and data modelling of large amounts of data from the real world that are linked to geographical coordinates, facilitating the decision making process

Updating, evolving, supporting and bettering your software solutions

Our clients rely on our app updates, support and maintenance services and we take full responsibility for the tasks in the development and maintenance of apps

Apps and systems integration

In many modern organisations, processes run on heterogeneous platforms and systems that are often incompatible with each other. For this reason, we help you establish protocols and intermediate solutions that facilitate communication with the applications that use and send information, making it easy for the end user.

Technology is not a problem for software development

We are experts and have certified professionals in all the technologies we use: Microsoft, Java, Oracle, ESRI, Qlik, LAMP, Cisco.

As a software development company we rely on a highly qualified team that uses the latest technologies available, thus allowing our clients to enjoy a high quality and dynamic products.

Our productive process in software development is quite simple, it is often based on: (TDD – Test-Driven Development).