We design and develop bespoke mobile solutions. At ARSRV Technology we deliver to our clients customized solutions to satisfy the needs of their organization.

We help you build mobile solutions for your company that will be accessible from any place and any mobile device. We integrate our enterprise mobility solutions with your management systems.

Our mobile applications development services include consulting and analysis, development and design, implementation and exploitation of mobile solution.

Nowadays, there are over 5 billion mobile phone users worldwide. By 2020 that figure will have grown by 310 million more. For this reason, to have a mobile solution available in your company is no longer an option, but a crucial business tool, as a web page was in its day.

The development of mobile solutions increases performance and scalability, minimises downtime and simplifies business management processes.



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Online and Offline Use


Biometric Identification/Signature

NFC (Near Field Communication)

Push notifications

Why are Enterprise Mobility Solutions so important for your company?

We show you how to use mobile technology in the most efficient way and how to get the most out of enterprise mobility which will work to your advantage by:

  • Connecting employees, clients and collaborators through app from any mobile device
  • Manage your company and the information you need, at any moment from anywhere
  • Continuous production flow, even without being connected, providing you with all the necessary information, when and where you need it
  • Real-time information access
  • Multi-device, allowing you to take your company with you on your mobile phone or tablet
  • Maximum productivity for your business

Our mobile solutions are customised to the needs of each client

At ARSRV Technology we offer advice and guidance from the outset to turn ideas into something concrete according to your business´s needs, regardless of the sector or size of your company. Depending on each company´s needs, we can offer native app development or bespoke apps for your mobile devices that can work simultaneously with different platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Phone).

We carry out different projects, from innovative ideas to business processes mobility. With our customised enterprise mobility solutions, we are able to optimise industrial and business processes for mobile devices, meeting and solving any daily issues you may have. Our mobile applications adapt technology to every need.

At ARSRV Technology we place special emphasis on features such as offline operation, synchronisation with backend systems, optimum performance and usability that allows the end user to do his/her work more efficiently in the least amount of time possible. Our solutions allow our clients reach more consumers and enjoy a better experience, as well as significantly increasing productivity with collaborators and business processes.